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New Poll – How Many Bikes?

As I release the beta tonight my mind is switching to the grudge match functionality. I am going to be modeling it off the OpenSprints setup with possibly a few twists of my own to the process. I personally run a 2 bike setup at Capital City Sprints. I am thinking of developing the grudge system to support two bikes right out the gate. But that leaves out the 3 and 4 bike groups. I am not sure if that many people run a 3 or 4 bike system. So to help me decide what path to go down I have a new poll for everyone.

Get a Jump on the Goldsprints FX beta

I have updated the Goldsprints FX download page. It now has links to the necessary plugins and applications to run GFX. But GFX is not net available for download.

You can get a jump on the beta by installing Flash, AIR and Serproxy now. This will also give you some time to get Serproxy running and edit the necessary CFG file that Serproxy needs to communicate with Flash. Visit the downloads page for more details.

Also, don’t forget to answer my bike color poll if you have not done so already.

GFX Poll: Goldsprint bike colors?

I thought I would start the weekend off by getting some feedback on bike color for my own goldsprints setup. I am limited to just a few in-stock options for colors. Here are the color options. Have a look and then vote in the poll that follows the photos.

Option One: Two 50cm in Black. Same color bikes and then distinguish them in colored bar tape and seat. Most likely a traditional red and blue bike.

Option Two: One orange and one green both in 50cm. I would then just run my colors based on the bike frames.

Option Three: One purple and one green both in 50 cm. I would then just run my colors based on the bike frames.

Option Four: One purple and one orange both in 50 cm. I would then just run my colors based on the bike frames.

Poll: What goldsprints visual display do you prefer?

I am debating if I should add the clock style display to Goldsprints FX. Let me know what display you prefer. Also if you have another display suggestions add it to the poll.

Please tweet or send this poll to others.