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GFX Devlog 3.24.2015

Completed Tasks as of 3.17.201

  • Remove clock center circle when bars are set.
  • I need to move the countdown into the timer display window
  • Add black boxes to the background of the bars so you know how far they have yo race.
  • The bars black boxes need to be resized, and move, and made into drop shadows when the visual is set to clock display.
  • Now that we only have one racer color conver the second color to the racer text color.
  • BUG: If race I’d stopped during count down you can’t reset the race.
  • Add Luke’s new trig code to the clock display.
  • When a race is stoped mid-stream reset needs to reset the bars and clock position to start position
  • Figure out how to dynamically update the options dictionary so I can change what display to show. If this is not possible then create two dictionaries and assign them at race time based on clock or bars.
  • Rethink bars. Are they a canvas lines or a label widget? What is easier to change size of?
  • Make both clock and bars displays only have one timer. Vegas lights style! Upon race completion then show individual racer times.
  • Create top level canvas for the countdown
  • Check to see if the Tkinter a Canvas widget is transparent
  • Create a gui erase function and destroys all item in the newframe Frame
  • Create a bars display function
  • Breakout the build gui function to a new clock display function
  • Create bars display layout
  • Add font color option for racer text

Two new screen shots

These two screen shots feature the Stone theme. As you can see we now have the Bars display added back into the mix. Everything seems to be working fine and you can select either the Bars or the Clock display from the Config options.

On change you might notice is that each racer no longer has their own timer display. This was necessary to keep it consistent between the Clock and Bars display.

All of the white buttons you see are temporary at this point. I am owrk working on cleaning up the interface and may eliminate the button entirely and add in a minimal left and right navigation. This should make the interface look much better for those viewing the races.

I hope to have another video of GFX v.3.14 uploaded this week. For now enjoy the screen shots.



GFX v3 Devlog 3.16.2015

The following tasks have all been completed as of 3.16.2014

  • Fix draw line loops so when a racer is done their line is not drawn any more.
  • Add the hooks to only show the dials for the racers that are selected. All 4 are running right now.
  • Once clock over haul is done assign line colors based on racer colors
  • Overhaul the clock display visual. Raspberry is not powerful enough to use images for the clock hands. Dynamically draw lines instead.
  • Get the count down showing again. Adding the clock display revived it.
  • Create a new red color #2. It is too close to color 1 and on Win 8 you can’t tell the difference.
  • Get the clock face display working for each racer. Lots of work!
  • Fix the theme update so it created the clock face when you switch themes. This took me 4 hours and 6 beers tonight.
  • Created circular clock style faces. One for each theme.
  • Update GFX logo
  • Create theme option on the Config page
  • Create two default themes
  • BUG: If you exit on bars display then clock is not destroyed when you swap visuals. Or something like this. Needs more testing!
  • Rearrange the Config layout (again!) to fit all options on screen

GFX v3 Devlog 3.8.2015

Completed tasks as of 3.8.2015

  • Bug: if no serial connection then an error occurred when saving. Fix by putting a Try or an IsOpen() around the code that sends the update to the OpenSprints hardware for Racers and Countdown
  • Add background images to each blade
  • Rearrange the Config screen
  • Change ‘Distance’ label to ‘Race Distance’
  • Create YouTube channel for Videos. Don’t want to pay for Vimeo any longer. Vimeo upload quota really sucks.
  • Breakout Distance and Roller size into different boxes on Config screen
  • Add more spacing to race boxes so they don’t touch on Windows. Looks fine on Raspberry PI
  • Create background images for the empty race boxes when less than four racers are selected. I might not worry about this one. Ended up resizing the boxes so you can’t see them if they are not active.
  • Fix placement on Reset Colors button
  • Change Numer of racers to a slider from radio buttons
  • Change countdown to slider from radio buttons

GFX v3 Dev Log 3.5.2105

Completed tasks as of 3.5.2015

Opensprints connection tasks

  • Get Demo mode working from master dictionary/Config settings
  • Get Countdown working from master dictionary/Config settingsAdd Start button to RacbladeAdd hooks to start a python thread for the raceGet Start button race workingg
  • Get timers working for each racer on
  • Get countdown showing at start of race
  • Rewrite the parsing code for ther serial strea