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Our First Sponsor – Rassmussen’s Bike Shop

Today the fine people down at Rasmussen’s Bike Shop became my first sponsor. I went down to get my CycleOps rollers and they game me a sweet deal. I was not expecting that so it was a big surprise. Much respect to Rassy’s and all the fine people for supporting Goldsprints FX.


I will be adding sponsor logos to the top area up by the twitter image later tonight. If you are interested be becoming a sponsor please contact me on Twitter or direct email at ed at goldsprintsfx dot com.

In addition to building Goldsprints FX I am in the process of setting up goldsprints in my area. Last thing on my list is getting bikes to use at events. So just in case any bike manufacturers are listening hit me up. Parts or complete bikes would be mucho appreciated. In fact anything that helps me continue building Goldsprints FX or get goldsprints up and running in my area would be much appreciated!