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Help Support Goldsprints FX

I have done some work on the website tonight to accommodate supporter/sponsor banners. You will now notice in the header area I have a few 125×125 banners. Current one banner is for OpenSprints and the other is for my local bike shop.

Without the hard work OpenSprints LCC is doing Goldsprints FX would not be possible. OpenSprints produces the hardware that Goldsprint FX utilizes to run goldsprint events. GoldSprints LCC has their own software so I am committed to not making any changes to the OpenSprints hardware just to support my front end. Goldsprints FX is simply an alternative front end to their hardware. If you are thinking about starting your own goldsprints group then get your rollers and hardware from OpenSprints. Help support their hard work!

The second banner is for Rasmussen’s Bike Shop. They are my local bike shop and have helped me acquire some of the equipment needed to build my own goldsprints system. With a little luck I will be hosting my own goldsprints events any time now! If you live in Iowa then you are well aware of their support for all things bicycle related. Good people!

But there are still banners available and I can add more if necessary. A banner runs for a minimum 1 month rotation. If you are interested in helping supporting the development of Goldsprints FX think about paying for a banner. You can contact me via the EMAIL link at the top of the website. I can’t promise you a ton of traffic but you sure will feel good about support free software. :)

In the near future Goldsprints FX will be a LCC. I will also start supporting online donations via PayPal eventually. I don’t have any plans to sell Goldsprints FX but donations would be great. Until the official beta is out to the public, I am not accepting any donations at this time. Thanks just the same to those that have already offered. Look for the beta soon!

Thanks in advance!