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Goldsprints FX Beta 2 Release Tonight

Tonight I will release the beta 2 version to donating members. Several of you have an event this weekend and are looking for some testing time prior to prime time. I too have an event this weekend so I will be doing some testing on my own gear and the beta 2 version. I have not loaded the beta 2 on my netbook yet. I will do that tonight but I don’t expect any issues. If you find any bugs in your testing let me know as soon as possible. I hope to be available to make some quick fixes for those hosting events this weekend. Use the Support link to post bugs or suggestions.

I think I have detailed most of the updates in the new version in previous posts. Check out the videos on how to use the rostering feature as well.

Thanks again to everyone that has donated. I hope you enjoy beta 2 and all the new features that have been added. This weekend will be a good test of beta 2 with three events, including my own, that should be using it. If all goes well I should release it to the general public in a week or two.

Goldsprints FX – Roller Testing

After picking up the CycleOps rollers from Rassy’s today I assembled them without much difficulty. None really. I just had to take the rollers out of the box, unfold them, move the front roller all the way forward, mount the fork stand, take the front wheel off my Swobo Sanchez and mount the bike to the rollers and swapped out my clip-in for some cages. A final adjustment of the fork stand and I was rolling. Pun intended!

Goldsprint Testing Goldsprint Testing Goldsprint FX Roller Testing

After a few spins I took the bike off and disassembled the roller frame. I had to remove the rear roller and mount my rare earth magnet to the plastic end for the drum. I used small screw and it mounted with out issue. I removed the rubber band off the drums since I don’t need when using the fork stand. I put the roller frame back together. Final task was to attach the OpenSprints hall sensor to the frame so it could pick up the passing of the rare earth magnet. I used one of my wife’s elastic hair things as a temporary way to keep the sensor from moving.

Goldsprints FX Roller Testing Goldsprints FX Roller TestingGoldsprint FX Roller Testing

Here are to quick screen shots of post race results from my testing tonight. I did a few solo races to tests everything out. I have some work to do on the rollers to get into sprinting shape! My Swobo is running 38/16 so I will probably go 38/18 if I have to use this bike for races. But I am hoping a sponsor to give up some frames or full bikes when the race time comes.

Goldsprints FX Roller Testing Goldsprints FX Roller Testing

All that is left now are a few tweaks to the interface of Goldsprints FX and I can release it as beta. I already have about 10 people/groups wanting to test the application. East coast, West coast and as far away a Italy are waiting on the beta. I can’t wait to see the bugs they find! If you would like to sign up for the beta see the previous post for instructions. You will also need to fill out this
to get in on the beta action.