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Goldsprints FX – Projector Testing

I hooked up the Acer One to a projector I have in my, yet to be completed, home theater room. I plan to clean the room out this weekend and set up the two sets of roller in there and do some real testing with my Swobo on a roller. Here is a quick video running Goldsprints FX in the OpenSprints test mode.

I am not too happy with the way the Acer One netbook works when another VGA device is added on to it. I couldn’t get it to have two different screen. It would only do a mirror. Is anyone else using an Acer One for their sprints? What are you experiencing with a projector hooked up to it? Can you run two independent display? If so, what is the resolution of each display?

Flava-Flav Would Love Goldsprints FX

I made another update to the race clock tonight. I added more ticks around the clock since this was on my to-do list before beta. It took me a while to figure out how to do get these added but I finally figured it out in the end.

But that is not all…. I have a bonus for you tonight!

Now you can add a logo sized 225 x 246 to the clock face. This is something every user can swap out for their own image. Just think how much love you are going to get from your sponsors when you tell them their logo will be shown for every race!

Yaabooy! Get up and get-get-get down. Goldsprints FX is coming to your town! Flavor-Flav would be proud of me!